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Educator… Servant Leader… Knowledgeable…Competent

My focus as a board member begins with serving all students…


The Olathe School District has a history of excellence, innovation, and leadership in the educational community regionally, statewide, and nationally.  The successes of the past and present are due to strong, committed district leadership working with and supported by the Board of Education, the shared vision of a quality staff and the partnership of a supportive community.


I believe in the values of the Olathe School District and desire to work with other board members to support district staff to continue a culture of excellence and continuous improvement.  Collaborating with each other for the common goal of providing a quality education for and meeting the needs of all students, modeling the practice of civil discourse when there are differences of opinions, and partnering with our parent community.


School Districts, School Boards, and teachers experience challenges daily which are often delivered to them by outside forces and/or decisions made by others.  I am willing to work with all stakeholders to address those challenges, to push forward, and to ultimately arrive at whatever is in the best interest for the students, staff, and the Olathe School District.  I will bring skills I utilized regularly in my role as a school administrator.  These skills include effective communication, listening, collaboration, visioning, consensus building and assisting with the design and implementation of systems.


In addition to being passionate about public education and the Olathe School District, those pictured here are a critical component of my “why” for wanting to serve.  My four grandchildren attend Olathe schools.  They are bright, inquisitive, confident, and possess a variety of interests and talents.  I will work to ensure they, as a part of all students, have opportunities which will prepare them for their future.


My priorities as a servant leader on the Olathe School Board

  • All Students prepared for their future through:

    • a broad and challenging curriculum

    • mastery of 21st century skills – communication, critical thinking, collaboration, creativity

    • opportunities & real-world learning experiences

    • a physically and emotionally safe school environment

    • diversity, equity and inclusivity in instruction and classroom environment


  • Attracting and retaining quality and diverse staff:

    • Supported and treated as professionals: to be heard; to have a voice.

    • Distributive leadership modeled and implemented in schools.

    • Continuity in district leadership.

    • Building relationships based on trust and respect.


  • Board of Education and Community:

    • Partnering to ensure a quality education for all students.

    • Practice/Model Civil Discourse

    • Transparent communication with one other.

    • Preparing students for their future while considering current workforce needs.


If you would like to share your thoughts and concerns about Olathe Schools, please contact me at my Board of Education email

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