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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

This page provides just a snapshot of my thoughts on topics and issues individuals have frequently asked about during my campaign.  If you would like additional information, please reach out to me at either my Olathe BOE email, or my campaign email, 

I would be happy to provide additional information. 


What are your priorities for Olathe schools? 

  • To provide a quality education for all students in a safe environment, physically, emotionally, and instructionally. 

  • To attract and retain a quality and diverse staff who are supported, have a voice and are involved in decision-making. 

  • To provide servant leadership on the BOE to fulfill the district vision, Students prepared for their future. And to do so with dignity, civility, and modeling respect for others. 

  • To partner with Olathe parents and the community to support the needs of our students. 

  • To contribute and support Olathe’s culture of excellence and continuous improvement. 


What is the role and responsibility of a BOE member? 

  • Employing a superintendent and establishing a district management system that enables all people to contribute meaningfully to achieve the district’s vision. 

  • Establishing direct processes to use information and make effective decisions. 

  • Ensuring short- and long-term plans are developed and annually revised through a process involving extensive participation, information gathering, research and reflection. 

  • Supporting student learning and school renewal when reviewing and adopting policies and allocating resources that support student learning. 

  • Setting high instructional standards based on the best available information about the knowledge and skills students will need in the future; and 

  • Encouraging an environment conducive to innovative approaches to teaching and learning and supportive of continuous improvement in education. 

  • The board and individual board members should refrain from becoming involved in the day-to-day operation of the schools. Kansas law states the superintendent manages the district on a day-to-day basis, subject to the rules and regulations set by the board of education. 

What are your thoughts on book banning? 

  • I believe individuals have the right to read what they want. 

  • I believe it is the responsibility of a parent to be aware, guide, discuss, and if concerned place restrictions on their child. 

  • Olathe Public Schools have policies and systems in place which clearly articulate processes to review, place, or remove books or other curriculum materials. 

    • Included in the policy is a process for reconsidering materials either by those within the district or if an outside request is made. 

    • Board policy IFBC specifies Objectives of Selection for materials:

      • To provide materials that support, enrich, and implement the district-adopted curriculum program while considering the varied interests, backgrounds, abilities, and maturity levels of the student population recognizing instructional materials in the library media center are voluntarily selected by students

      • To provide materials that support a diversity of opinion

      • To provide materials that focus on accuracy in factual knowledge, appreciation of literature, and a broad spectrum of recreational reading

      • To provide materials that are accurate, current, and appropriate for the student population

      • To provide materials that ensure a comprehensive collection appropriate for the student population

  • Olathe educators, which include library media specialists, are trained to review, and preview materials before making them accessible to students.  The criteria vary according to age and development. 

What are your thoughts on LGBTQ+ students? 

  • My first priority stated earlier is To provide a quality education for all students in a safe environment, physically, emotionally, and instructionally. 

  • LGBTQ+ students and their families should feel supported and also a willingness from school personnel to understand the challenges these families are experiencing.   

  • There are some limitations to responses/supports due to decisions made by the state legislature.   

  • We must work around these to make certain students, parents and staff are “seen” and their needs are addressed. 


How do you feel about the conversations going on in the State Legislature regarding “Parent Rights”? 

  • We must understand the difference between Parent Involvement vs Parent “Rights” 

    • Parent involvement is critical for the success of students. 

    • To me the term Parent Rights sets an adversarial tone… implies that parents have been mistreated or not included.  That is not the history of Olathe, and it is not the current practice. 

    • Parents, teachers, extended family, and community should all be working together to support students.  Each has a role to play, and a contribution to make.  Those roles should be respected and supported by one another. 

Do you think Olathe schools are sufficiently funded? 

Kansas public schools have been fully funded for the last five years.  That is good news!  However, there are components for which the funding is not sufficient nor fully funded, Special Education is a major deficit.  The impact of the failure to fully fund is a burden to the general budget for the school district.  Federally we are required to fund and serve our students, when the state does not meet their responsibility the gap is filled by moving money from the general fund.  Specific information and details may be found on this KSDE website

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