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My priorities as a servant leader on the Olathe School Board

  • All Students prepared for their future through:

    • a broad and challenging curriculum

    • mastery of 21st century skills – communication, critical thinking, collaboration, creativity

    • opportunities & real-world learning experiences

    • a physically and emotionally safe school environment

    • diversity, equity and inclusivity in instruction and classroom environment


  • Attracting and retaining quality and diverse staff:

    • Supported and treated as professionals: to be heard; to have a voice.

    • Distributive leadership modeled and implemented in schools.

    • Continuity in district leadership.

    • Building relationships based on trust and respect.


  • Board of Education and Community:

    • Partnering to ensure a quality education for all students.

    • Practice/Model Civil Discourse

    • Transparent communication with one other.

    • Preparing students for their future while considering current workforce needs.


If you would like to share your thoughts and concerns about Olathe Schools, please contact me at my Board of Education email

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